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They suggest a one-time wealth tax which would reduce the private assets by 11% in Germany up to 100% in Ireland.

From the article: In the overall context of the future of the euro zone, politicians would need to propose a broader sharing of the burden so that taxpayers in such countries as Germany, France, and the Netherlands would contribute more than the share required to reduce their own debt load. This would be unpopular, but the banks and insurance companies in these countries would benefit. To ensure a socially acceptable sharing of the burden, politicians would no doubt decide to tax financial assets only above a certain threshold—€100,000, for example. Given that any such tax would be meant as a one-time correction of current debt levels, they would need to balance it by removing wealth taxes and capital-gains taxes. The drastic action of imposing a tax on assets would probably make it easier politically to lower income taxes in order to stimulate further growth.

Summary: A one-time tax of at least 11% in Germany, but most probably 20-30% , because only assets above 100000 Euro should be taxed and Germany has to pay the debt also for countries like Ireland.

Auf deutsch: eine einmalige Vermögenssteuer von mindestens 11% in Deutschland, eher aber 20-30% Prozent, da nur Vermögen über 100000 Euro besteuert werden sollten und Deutschland außerdem für Staaten wie Irland einen Teil der Schulden übernehmen muss.

Und gerüchteweise wurden gerade Berater der BCG vom Finanzministerium angeheuert:

Also wer Vermögen über 100000 Euro hat tut vielleicht gut daran es jetzt auszugeben, ins Ausland zu schaffen oder es gleichmässig auf die Verwandtschaft aufzuteilen, falls diese Pläne umgesetzt werden.

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